Who is unhappy with Ofgem for its energy profits estimate?

A row threatens to break out after trade group Energy UK slammed Ofgem’s estimates of suppliers’ profits as “statistically biased and inaccurate”. It got the blow in ahead of the regulator publishing its monthly Supply Market Indicator (SMI) figures later today. The trade body has commissioned new research from independent consultancy NERA which claims Ofgem estimates for […]

MEPs mull pollution cap for mid-sized power plants

EU lawmakers planning to cap pollution from medium-sized power plants must avoid “double regulation”, say MEPs. In a draft report, MEPs on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy welcomed the “important” rule for plugging a “gap” in rules for combustion plants with thermal input between 1 and 50 MW. Air pollution is estimated to […]

Belief in manmade climate change at 10-year high

The British public’s belief in manmade climate change rose significantly last year to its highest level since 2005, finds a study released today. The study by Cardiff University looked at public opinion on climate change against a backdrop of flooding experienced in winter 2013/14. Professor Nick Pidgeon from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, who led the research […]

Is npower boss Paul Massara on the way out?

Paul Massara’s position as boss of British energy supplier npower is in shaky territory, if rumours are to be believed. Massara has been chief executive since 2012 when he took over from Volker Beckers, before that he was npower’s chief commercial operator. German magazine Manager reports parent company RWE is “disappointed” with npower’s performance. RWE noted […]

Reactor switched off at Heysham nuclear plant

EDF Energy switched off one of the reactors at Heysham 1 nuclear power plant last night after a water leak linked to a turbine. The generator said there was no risk of a radiation leak at unit 2 of the power station. It could not say when it would restart the unit – which refers […]

Euro “big driver for UK gas and power markets”

The weakness of the EU’s currency is a big factor affecting energy markets, suggest market experts. Rob Brown, Account Director at energy consultancy Inenco noted “increased volatility” in short term gas and power markets. Speaking in the Y Report he said there is, in contract, actually a “flat to bearish” trend to prices in the long […]

Ovo cuts variable energy tariff by 5.8%

Supplier Ovo Energy has lowered the price of its standard variable tariff by 5.8% for dual fuel customers. It’s the second price cut announced in a month by Ovo and brings the average price for its Simpler tariff for a dual fuel customer to £1,051, down from £1,116. This is to “reflect falling wholesale costs”, said the firm, adding it could […]

Giving a lift to elevator energy saving

When you step through the sliding doors, do you think about how much energy it takes to get you to the top floor? Probably not – and you aren’t alone, suggests a new study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) which says not enough information is about for building owners on the […]

World can cut carbon AND travel say UK number crunchers

How does eating meat, using goods shipped by freight or the energy source that we use affect nations’ attempts to cap global warming? A new online tool which lets people fiddle with those very options – lots of wind, using electric or hydrogen-powered cars, for example – is launching today, to show people it is possible to have a […]

World’s energy consultants earned $11bn in 2014

Companies and governments around the world are increasingly hungry for counsel on energy and resources. They spent nearly $11 billion (£7.4bn) for advice on energy and resources last year, suggests data from Source Information Services. The multi-billion-dollar sum focuses on fees paid to the top 250 consultancies including Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, McKinsey, Bain and Capita. The […]