Durham University’s solar car takes on Australian challenge

A solar-powered electric car, crafted by more than 50 students at Durham University over 100,000 hours, is gearing up to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Tesla lithium battery blaze: Hazardous smoke alert

A Tesla battery fire in Queensland, Australia has led to hazardous smoke warnings, with authorities advising residents to stay indoors, as investigations continue to determine the cause

Strikes rock global gas prices

Strikes at Chevron’s Australian facilities cause significant gas price fluctuations in global markets

Australian LNG workers press on with strike action

Workers at Chevron’s major Australian LNG projects are poised to strike, impacting over 5% of global supply, prompting experts to express worries about potential energy price increases

UK gas prices surge amidst threat of strike at Australian LNG plant

Wholesale gas prices surged in Europe today as potential strike at Australia’s North West Shelf LNG plant looms

UK gas price surge amid Australian LNG facility strike uncertainty

Wholesale gas prices in Dutch and British markets spike as strikes in Australian LNG plants await confirmation

UK gas prices surge 28% amid Australian supply concerns

Gas prices in the UK have surged to over twice their usual seasonal value due to concerns about potential disruptions in liquefied natural gas supply from Australia

Gas connection ban for new homes in Australian state from next year

Victoria’s Government will prohibit new homes from having gas connections starting 1st January 2024, aiming to halve carbon emissions by 2030

Eni to acquire Neptune Energy for nearly $5bn

The acquisition includes Neptune’s gas-oriented assets and operations in Western Europe, North Africa, Indonesia, and Australia

Australia approves first coal mine since election

This mine will be built close to Moranbah and is projected to generate 2.5 million tonnes of coal during a five-year period