Australia announces $1.9bn investment to protect Great Barrier Reef

The financial aid comes in light of the reef suffering from ‘extensive’ bleaching during the 2019-20 summer

Solar project with thermal hydro storage lands in Australia

Melbourne based start-up RayGen has secured AUD$3 million to facilitate a research study into the technology

Australian state pushes AUD$11bn into clean technology

The funding will support businesses to replace equipment with lower emissions alternatives

New South Wales to ‘fast-track first of its three energy zones’ to reach 2050 emissions targets

The Australian stated plans to attract up to AUD$23bn of private investment and generate more than 2,000 jobs

Australian power prices ‘to fall by 7% as a result of renewable growth’

Renewable energy will account for 40% of consumption by 2040, reducing demand from the grid

Western Australia will power first mine with solar and batteries

A $98m investment will finance a clean energy system at Rio Tinto’s Koodaideri mine

Climate conditions and wildfires causing massive fish die-offs in Australia

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries has announced a number of major ‘fish kills’ have been reported in rivers and other waterways across the region

Australian wildfires ‘to push up vegetable prices by as much as 50%’

Industry body AUSVEG has suggested leafy green produce such as broccoli is likely to be worst affected

Climate change increases risk of wildfires, scientists confirm

A review of research shows links between climate change and increased frequency or severity of so-called ‘fire weather’

Camel cull in Australia aims to alleviate drought and protect Aboriginal communities

Around 10,000 camels will be shot and killed following complaints that they are drinking too much water