Could climate change spell the end for Indian cricket?

India is experiencing some of its most scorching heat in 100 years – it’s hitting the much-loved sport for six

Queensland won’t close coal plants in energy transition push

The Australian state has set a 2050 net zero target but refused to close its eight coal plants

Australia ‘has just 68 days of oil reserves’

The country is nearly 91% dependent on imported oil, a public policy think tank has warned

GridBeyond launches operations in Australia

GridBeyond, the world’s leading technology player for managing distributed and flexible energy resources is expanding its geographic reach to provide services to Australia.

World ‘has a 10% chance of limiting global warming to 1.5°C’

New research found that carbon pledges announced at COP26 could hold warming under 2°C but could not hit the 1.5°C mark

Australia’s AGL granted $14.84m for 50MW battery storage with grid forming capabilities

The project will demonstrate the ability of large-scale batteries to be equipped with grid forming inverters to improve system strength and facilitate higher injections of variable renewable energy generation at the lowest cost

Global solar and wind on track to meet climate targets

Wind and solar surpassed 10% of global electricity for the first time ever, according to a new report

E.ON and Fortescue strike hydrogen deal to cut Russian gas

The agreement could see five million tonnes of green hydrogen exported from Australia to Germany

Over 60s dubbed heaviest CO2 emitters of all!

People over 60 account for 33% of greenhouse gas emissions, new study suggests

Australia and Germany open joint hydrogen funding round

HyGATE aims to strengthen co-operation between the two countries on reducing the cost of producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources and stimulate the innovation process