Tesla lithium battery blaze: Hazardous smoke alert

A Tesla battery fire in Queensland, Australia has led to hazardous smoke warnings, with authorities advising residents to stay indoors, as investigations continue to determine the cause

A Tesla battery fire has ignited concerns at one of Queensland‘s first major battery storage sites, leaving authorities on high alert.

Emergency services rushed to Bouldercombe, just south of Rockhampton, around 7.45pm on Tuesday after reports of the blaze.

While the fire has been contained, Tesla has advised firefighting crews to allow it to burn out, raising worries about hazardous smoke in the area.

Local residents have been cautioned to stay indoors to avoid inhaling the potentially harmful fumes. Authorities have specifically urged those with respiratory conditions to keep their medications close at hand.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Fitzroy Zone Commander John Platt expressed uncertainty about how long the battery pack would continue to burn.

Genex Power, in a statement to the ASX, confirmed that the site had been disconnected from the grid and they are collaborating with Tesla to determine the cause of the incident.

Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services / X

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