A Question of Balance

Why balancing the grid has been getting more expensive

UK’s electricity system was cheaper and cleaner during coronavirus lockdown but more difficult to control’

That’s according to a new independent analysis conducted via Imperial Consultants by academics from Imperial College London for Drax Electric Insights.

Could video gaming take grid balancing to the next level?

Northern Powergrid stresses balancing supply and demand is to become increasingly important

Ofgem approves £6m investment in digital marketplace for energy

SP Energy Networks’ new platform will allow surplus power to be traded among consumers

Anesco battery site becomes first to contribute to UK’s Balancing Mechanism

The 10MW battery storage site in Derbyshire has participated in the scheme as part of a virtual power plant

Wanted: more wind farms to balance grid at night

Wind farm operators are being asked to make their turbines available to balance the grid at night over the summer. In its summer outlook report yesterday, the National Grid said it would like more large wind farms to step forward and be more “flexible”. Wind farms bid to provide UK power via the balancing mechanism. […]

Grid hunts big energy users for “last resort” power

The National Grid is looking for large energy users which could provide back-up energy reserves over the next two winters. The grid operator wants their help with two new electricity balancing services in 2014/15 and 2015/16. It wants to sign up major energy users who would be willing to lower their energy demand or run […]