National Grid’s winter blackout prevention scheme returns

The electricity system operator has announced the return of its Demand Flexibility Service, allowing homes and businesses to earn rewards by adjusting energy usage

Critical sites shielded: Ofgem acts to avert blackouts

The regulator has accelerated measures to safeguard critical sites from potential blackouts by granting urgent status to a proposal that aims to prevent disconnections during emergency load shedding

‘UK abandons proposed law to ban coal power generation’

Experts warn that the government’s shift in position allows for the possibility of using coal power plants again if needed to prevent blackouts

UK braces for blackouts amid power cable concerns

Experts have warned that attack on undersea power cables could cause widespread economic losses, isolation of communities and potential civil unrest

‘Europe may need to cut gas demand by 55bcm to mitigate supply risks’

Europe has utilised almost all of its short-term energy efficiency possibilities, leaving it susceptible to a “considerable” risk of further reduction in Russian piped gas, according to a report

National Grid gives summer power promise – no blackouts in sight

Balancing costs are expected to be lower than last summer, according to the ESO’s Summer Outlook report

Could wind farms be the unlikely hero in restoring UK grid during blackout?

A cutting-edge idea is just one of 53 innovative projects that have received funding from Ofgem and Innovate UK, each receiving up to £150,000

EDF and Drax both reject the idea of extending the use of coal power units

EDF has cited a range of operational and workforce-related factors that make it extremely difficult to extend the lifespan of West Burton A any further

Drax hits back at ‘power cut’ claims over looming pay strikes

Nearly 180 workers at Drax Power Station in Yorkshire take strike action – their union alleged the UK could face power cuts later this month

Demand Flexibility Service – “Scratching the surface of what’s possible”

Experts have told ELN that what is needed is a more local approach to flexibility