Critical sites shielded: Ofgem acts to avert blackouts

The regulator has accelerated measures to safeguard critical sites from potential blackouts by granting urgent status to a proposal that aims to prevent disconnections during emergency load shedding

Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, has taken steps to enhance protection for vital critical sites.

Urgent attention has been granted to a proposal aimed at ensuring the uninterrupted operation of key locations, including hospitals, railways and airports during emergency load-shedding scenarios.

This move seeks to minimise the risk of broader disruptions in the power distribution network.

This latest initiative, known as Grid Code modification proposal GC0162, is currently being examined by a specialized working group under the Grid Code Review Panel.

The proposed changes address a gap in the existing regulations.

The Grid Code Operating Code 6 (OC6) sets out tools and processes for Demand Control, allowing for reductions in electricity demand during operational issues.

However, the current code lacks provisions for safeguarding critical sites, which this proposal seeks to rectify.

The urgency of the modification arises from the potential impact on system safety, security and compliance.

If implemented, it would prevent critical sites from being disconnected during periods of high demand, reducing the potential for societal disruption.

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