EU fines BMW and VW Group €875m for colluding with Daimler on clean emissions technology

Daimler received full immunity and was not fined for revealing the existence of the cartel to the Commission

EU fines capacitor makers €254m over price-fixing cartel

Capacitors are essential parts of almost all electronic products, from smart phones to appliances in homes, electronic systems in cars and wind turbines

UK car battery recycler fined for fixing prices

A UK firm is among three companies that have been fined a total of €68 million (£58m) for their participation in a car battery recycling cartel. The European Commission said Campine (Belgium), Eco-Bat Technologies (UK) and Recylex (France) fixed prices for buying scrap automotive batteries, in breach of EU antitrust rules. A fourth company, US-based […]

EU suspects five recyclers of taking part in cartel

The European Commission has notified five companies that it suspects them of taking part in a car battery recycling cartel. It has sent statement of objections to the suspected firms over concerns they fixed the purchase prices for scrap lead-acid batteries in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands between 2009 and 2012. Around 80% of […]

EU issues €302m in fines for power cable cartel

Investment bank Goldman Sachs and 10 cable companies have been fined a total of €302 million (£250m) by EU antitrust regulators for running a secret cartel to block competition in the market for electricity power cables. The firms shared markets and allocated customers between themselves “on an almost worldwide scale” from 1999 for almost 10 […]