South Australia fires up $100m home battery scheme

Subsidies of up to $6,000 will be available to households across the region

Moixa unleashes new battery to smarten up domestic energy

The domestic system is able to automatically manage solar panels, batteries and EV charging

Two-thirds of US public back solar mandate for new homes

Younger respondents were more likely to strongly support the idea compared to older generations

Wealthy households ‘three times more CO2 intensive’

The wealthiest households in the US could be as many as three times more carbon intensive than the poorest. That’s the suggestion made in new research from the Grantham Institute’s Lutz Sager, who studied the yearly expenditure of households between 1996 to 2009. He then worked out how much carbon dioxide was emitted per dollar […]

Is SSE planning to exit the domestic energy market?

Big Six energy supplier SSE is reportedly mulling an exit from the domestic market as the government sets its plans for the price cap. Reports claim the energy company is discussing plans to sell its customer accounts or spin off the business as a separate listed firm to focus on networks and renewable energy and […]

E.ON partners to develop domestic smart systems

E.ON has invested in an Internet of Things (IoT) provider to help develop decentralised energy systems for the home. The Big Six provider’s partnership with German smart technologies provider Cuculus aims to create the equipment necessary for the intelligent house of the future, in which all systems will be connected with each other. Making disruptive […]

‘Green homes saving twice as much energy as expected’

Green homes in the US are saving twice as much energy as predicted. That’s according to green building certification programme, Built Green, which says certified homes used up to 40% less electricity than non-certified homes, in many cases doubling estimated improvements. Researchers analysed data provided by utility Seattle City Light and compared model-based predictions with […]

Fuel cells ‘could slash domestic energy costs by £400’

A new fuel cell technology could allow households to cut energy costs by up to £400 and slash carbon emissions by two tonnes a year. Developer Ceres’ SteelCell home units convert natural gas into electricity and heat at a high efficiency rate, providing enough power to supply an electric vehicle (EV) and reduce demand on […]

Magic carpet turns footsteps into fuel

  An innovative new carpet could harvest energy from footsteps to power a building’s LED lighting system. Interior design firm Hillarys has created the Kinetic Carpet concept as a potential way to become more environmentally friendly and cut electricity bills in the future. Positioned in a busy part of the home such as a hallway, […]

British homes ‘a century off going fully green’

At the current rate of progress, it will take a century for British homes to go green enough to meet international climate obligations. That’s according to the WWF, which claims the UK needs to triple the rate of insulating its homes to meet the Paris Agreement targets. It added domestic properties account for a fifth […]