Japan issues first-ever warning of potential power shortages

It follows a powerful earthquake in Tokyo last week, forcing several power plants to shut down

What impact did 7.6 quake have on Fukushima nuclear power station?

The earthquake did not cause any issues of safety concern, according to the UN’s nuclear watchdog

Cuadrilla halts fracking in Lancashire again after earthquake

Operations have been paused for 18 hours, during which seismicity levels will continue to be measured

‘No damage’ at Fukushima nuclear plant after earthquake

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant hasn’t been damaged after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the east coast of Japan last night. Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), which is the company responsible for the decommissioning of the plant, said the cooling system stopped for a while after the tremor but operations were resumed later. It added it hasn’t found any abnormalities, radiation […]

Deadly earthquake strikes near Iran’s nuclear plant

A large earthquake near Iran’s sole nuclear power plant Bushehr (pictured) yesterday killed at least four people, according to local media, while new reports suggest the death toll has risen to 30. The 6.1 magnitude quake was registered at 4.22pm local time (11.52 GMT) by the Seismological centre of Bushehr province, the Iranian news agency Fars […]

US rally to raise awareness of fracking risks

Communities across the US are due to hold rallies next week to “shine light” on problems related to fracking. The event ‘Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day’ is expected to raise awareness of serious risks to public health and safety and links to earthquakes, spills, leaks and contamination. Fracking involves a process of […]

Wild monkeys to track Fukushima radiation

Wild monkeys are soon going to be used to track radiation levels around the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster site in Japan according to reports. Researchers apparently plan to attach collars with GPS transmitters and Geiger counters to around 1,000 monkeys roaming the forests around Fukushima. A huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a triple meltdown […]

Japanese nuclear plant “remarkably undamaged”

The Japanese nuclear plant which was closest to the epicentre of the earthquake which contributed to the Fukushima crisis was “remarkably undamaged”, a team of international experts has found. The Onagawa plant on Japan’s north-east coast was nearest to the point on the Earth’s surface which was directly above the underground origin of the magnitude […]

Activists chain themselves to fracking site with bike locks

Protestors chained themselves to a site in Chesterfield in the early hours of the morning in protest against the controversial hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ process used to extract shale gas. Twenty members of the group Frack Off targeted a site owned by PR Marriott, a contractor for shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources which is drilling […]

Experts back new shale measures

Experts in the energy sector have welcomed a report published today which has given the UK shale industry scope for the future. The report admitted fracking may produce minor tremors, but that as long as certain risk-mitigating measures were adhered to, there was the possibility of a safe future for shale on UK shores. The […]