Sizewell C launches private investment process

The government has confirmed that private investors can now express their interest in contributing to the Sizewell C nuclear power station

EDF announces £4.5bn investment for net zero

The energy giant has committed to helping customers reduce emissions by five million tonnes annually through the adoption of low carbon solutions

UK suppliers prepare for high energy switching volumes

Energy suppliers have been advised to ready for increased energy switching volumes as the market stabilises this year

Electricity switching stalls, historic levels out of reach

May has witnessed a slowdown in electricity switching, according to a new report

Concerns mount over delays and rising costs at Hinkley Point C

The project is reportedly at risk of further delays and escalating costs, sparking criticism and concerns about taxpayer money

Hinkley Point C to offer 30,000 new training places for locals

Trainees are expected to improve their skills by participating in the installation of pipes, cables, equipment, and control systems

Hinkley Point C unveils new video tour of progress

Hinkley Point C’s Delivery Director, Nigel Cann has released an update on the progress of the nuclear power station construction

‘Russian spy ship’ creates safety concerns for Sizewell nuclear power plant

EDF Energy has assured local communities that its nuclear power stations, including Sizewell, have robust security measures in place

Sponge and rubber balls from UK nuclear power plant invade coastline

Teesside’s beaches have become the subject of concern for environmental groups as small balls, believed to have originated from Hartlepool nuclear power station, have been spotted

EDF starts operating first solar farms in Ireland

With a combined capacity of 17MW, the three facilities will have enough power for 6,000 homes