Efficiency of electrifying heat ‘must be accurately assessed’

A new report suggests this is necessary to inform consumers about the real efficiency of electric heaters

Norwegian oil field to slash emissions by running on clean power

The electrification of offshore oil and gas production also offers improved operations, reduced maintenance costs and better health and safety

UK solar joins with EU and UN to electrify Eritrea

A UK solar energy company has partnered with the EU and the UN to improve energy access for remote communities in Eritrea. Solarcentury has been selected to design and build two mini-grids using solar panels and lithium batteries to power the villages of Areza and Maidma in the East African nation. They currently have no grid power so use small diesel generators […]

‘Heat and transport sectors must go electric’

Electrification beyond the power sector could bring a wealth of economic and environmental benefits to the EU. That’s according to a new report from EURELECTRIC, which says converting the transport and heating/cooling industries away from fossil fuels and into increasingly low carbon electricity would be hugely significant in slashing emissions. The average electric vehicle (EV) […]