Ireland’s energy poverty breaks new record

The number of fuel poor households surpassed that recorded 28 years ago, according to a report

Rural people hit hardest by energy and transport poverty

A new report is calling for changes to be made to net zero and low carbon policy to ensure rural communities are not left more isolated

End of energy poverty era by 2030 ‘could create 500m new jobs in Africa and Asia’

The renewable investment could create 30 times more employment than further development of fossil fuels, according to new research

MEPs back higher emissions reduction target of 60% by 2030

It is an upgrade from the Commission’s emissions reduction proposal of ‘at least 50% towards 55%’ over the next decade

Church group gets behind energy access campaign

A church group representing more than 500 million people has joined a movement supporting energy access. The World Council of Churches (WCC) has committed to join the Shine Campaign, which aims to mobilise new forms of investments, scale up resources and generate momentum to end energy poverty by 2030. The WCC brings together churches, denominations and fellowships […]

New charity Energy Aid brings power to poorer nations

A new charity is aiming to end energy poverty by bringing sustainable electricity to the world’s poorest regions. The UN estimates that 1.3 billion people currently have no access to electricity. Energy Aid, which is backed by consultancy IBM and UK charity Practical Aid, will give cash and resources to charities running energy projects in […]