Energy UK launches project to identify future energy challenges

The ‘Future of Energy’ aims to look ahead to 2028 to see how consumer expectations can be met

Corbyn: Public ownership of energy system will tackle ‘climate catastrophe’

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn believes returning Britain’s energy system to public ownership is the best way of going green and averting the “climate catastrophe”. He made the statement during a speech on Saturday at the Labour Party’s one day conference on alternative models of ownership in London. Mr Corbyn said: “The challenge of climate change […]

IEA: Digitalisation will transform global power system

Digital technologies are set to transform the global energy system in the coming decades. That’s the view of the International Energy Agency (IEA), which suggests those technologies will make the system more connected, reliable and sustainable, having a “profound and lasting impact” on both energy demand and supply. It forecasts more than one billion households […]

London’s new business district hots up and goes green

A £7.9 million energy contract has been awarded for the first phase of a new business district in London. Sustainable solutions provider Vital Energi has been appointed as Chinese developer ABP’s preferred partner to build, operate and maintain the temporary energy centre and district heating and cooling networks for its £1.7 billion development at the Royal […]

Ofgem sets out new UK energy strategy

Ofgem has set out its strategy aimed at driving innovation and supporting the transformation to a low carbon energy system. It believes the energy sector is undergoing “fundamental change” and regulatory and market arrangements will need to evolve to ensure this happens in a way that protects and advances consumers’ interests and enables them to […]

UK green gas ‘could boost decarbonisation goals’

Decarbonising the UK’s gas networks could play an important role in achieving the targets set out in the Paris Agreement. That’s according to a new report from Imperial College London’s Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI), which says the existing natural gas system will need to be replaced with a greener solution if the UK is to […]

Cyber security experts team up with grid to protect Europe

A cyber security organisation and power grid operators have teamed up to protect Europe against cyber attacks. The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop regulations, practices, standards and defenses with the aim of protecting the […]

Centrica business boss says ‘entire energy system is changing’

The needs of energy customers are changing fast and suppliers will have to change too. That’s according to Mark Hanafin, the CEO of Centrica’s Business division, who spoke to ELN at our Energy Live Future Conference in Leicester last week. He said the days of turning on extra power stations to deal with spikes in […]

North Sea ‘grid’ could deliver 15% of Europe’s total power demand

A North Sea “grid” (NSG) could help deliver more than 15% of Europe’s total electricity demand by 2030. That’s according to new research, which investigated what that would bring to the region in terms of the sustainable development of energy, economies and marine life. It suggests the key benefit of a North Sea energy system […]

UK seeks views on smarter, flexible energy system

The UK Government is seeking views on the development of a smarter, more flexible and user-friendly energy system. The Call for Evidence also aims to find out what can be done to make it easier for businesses to provide voluntary demand side response, i.e. when they reduce electricity use at times of peak demand in […]