MP confronts Centrica boss over record profits amid energy crisis

Conservative MP Vicky Ford has grilled Centrica’s Chief, Chris O’Shea, regarding the company’s increasing profits during a time of heightened concerns over the energy crisis

Villagers ‘reject £5,000 payouts, oppose giant wind turbines in Wales’

Residents in Wales are reportedly resisting £5,000 compensation offers to oppose plans for massive wind turbines and a network of pylons in the Nant Mithil Energy Park

Call for £400 energy rebate to support struggling households

The government has been urged to reintroduce a £400 energy bill rebate to help UK households cope with rising energy costs and the increased cost of living

UK energised to exit Energy Charter Treaty?

The UK is contemplating a potential exit from the Energy Charter Treaty due to ongoing disagreements among member states regarding the adoption of updated rules

Turbine toilets hit Aberdeen offshore wind farm

In-tower turbine toilet units have been introduced at the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm

Almost half of Brits support local energy projects lowering bills

More than a quarter (27%) are open to supporting local renewable projects regardless of potential construction impact, according to a new survey

Solar power: Texas plant to juice Meta’s data centre

Iberdrola’s US subsidiary, Avangrid, has kicked off the construction of a photovoltaic plant in Texas, generating 240MW of clean energy for Facebook’s data centre

Exploring algae: A game-changer for our plates?

Kristinn Haflidason, General Manager of biotech startup Vaxa Technologies, discussed with Energy Live News the process of nutrient extraction from algae and its transformation into sustainable food products

Ofgem to greenlight £600m Scottish electricity network upgrade

Ofgem has provisionally approved SSEN Transmission’s plan to upgrade the electricity network in Argyll and Kintyre, facilitating more than 970MW of new renewable energy generation

Drax denies “avoiding hundreds of millions in returns” to UK households

A Bloomberg investigation found that Drax allegedly avoided returning £639 million to households during UK cost of living crisis