E.ON makes more than £3bn in profit in first six months

The global energy group said EBITDA declined by £591 million

Green energy projects awarded millions of pounds in Ofgem funding

The regulator will invest £8 million in 18 projects

Burning forests to generate power is alarming, says Sir David Attenborough

Wood-burning Drax power station near Selby, North Yorkshire generates nearly 6% of the UK’s total electricity supply

Drax sets foot in Asia

The energy company aims to ramp up the sales of sustainable biomass pellets targeting the Japanese market

Britain smashes another flexibility record

A 31% increase in the tendered distribution network flexibility has been recorded in the last 12 months, according to the Energy Networks Association

Ofgem proposes setting electricity prices on a regional or local level

The regulator has said reforming wholesale electricity markets could save customers billions of pounds

Industry reacts to government’s Electricity Security Bill

What are the industry’s thoughts about the Energy Security Bill?

IEA: “Building sustainable energy systems will be riskier without nuclear”

Nearly 63% of current nuclear power capacity is more than 30 years old, according to a report

Is the UK mulling plan to cut pipelines to EU in a gas supply emergency scenario?

National Grid may reportedly cut off pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium if the UK is hit by extreme shortages

Households to be paid to use energy off-peak

Families with smart meters will be paid to use less energy at peak times and reduce emissions