Suspected deliberate damage to Finland’s gas pipeline

A subsea gas pipeline and a telecommunications cable connecting Finland and Estonia beneath the Baltic Sea have sustained damage, with suspicions of a deliberate act

Finland’s bold energy plan: Doubling electricity and streamlining permits

Finland’s Minister of Climate and the Environment Kai Mykkänen discusses energy strategy with Energy Live News

Rolls-Royce eyeing Finland for mini-nuclear reactors construction

The company is awaiting a government decision on investment for their small modular reactors

Britons hit by the ‘world’s third highest’ electricity price increase

Since 2016, there has been a 35% increase in the average unit price of electricity in the UK, according to a report

Siemens Gamesa seals Finnish onshore wind deal

The company will supply 16 wind turbines for a 105MW wind farm

EDF to redesign British reactors after leaks at Chinese nuclear power station

The energy giant has reportedly been forced to redesign Britain’s proposed reactors after failures at Chinese plant

Nuclear is needed for net zero, says Finnish Minister

He has stated that without nuclear, Europe cannot be carbon-neutral

‘Finland could be cut off gas by Russia this week’

Finland’s state-owned energy provider has warned that there is “a real risk” of natural gas supply

Russian energy supplier cuts off electricity to Finland

Inter RAO’s Finnish subsidiary cited problems with payments, announcing it has not been paid for deliveries since 6th May 2022

Boris talks about cutting bills for those living near onshore wind farms

The Prime Minister said householders might ‘buy into’ living closer to onshore wind projects if they have lower bills