Glasgow Climate Pack stirs reactions across the world

A compromise, a death-knell for coal power or a big failure to phase out fossil fuels – what leaders and industry think about the COP26 agreement?

‘Nearly 40 UK fossil fuel projects in the pipeline for approval by 2025’

The projects are predicted to contribute nearly triple the UK’s yearly greenhouse gas emissions if approved

Industry responds to the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy

Industry leaders said the programme is a “step in the right direction” but lacks ambition

UK universities to beef up the green menus of their canteens!

A new catering accreditation scheme will see university canteens offer more plant-based options

Public inquiry into Cumbria coal mine begins

The inquiry into the controversial plans for the coal mine in West Cumbria is expected to last for at least four weeks

More than a third of councils ‘support policies that could potentially increase emissions’

These councils support at least one carbon-intensive policy, including road building and airport expansion, a new BBC survey finds

Government urged not to subsidise ‘the world’s biggest tree burner’

Environmental groups have asked the Prime Ministe to reconsider support for Drax’s plans for industrial scale biomass

Industry responds to CCC progress report

MPs, trade associations and environmental groups stress that time is running out for realistic climate commitments

CCC warns journey to net zero is far from half-completed

The Climate Change Committee notes the government has been too slow to deliver on its climate promises

Give free heat pumps to poorer households, consortium says

The group, which includes major energy companies and trade associations, proposes a ‘Fair Heat Deal’ to make clean heating affordable to all