Government urged to launch per-mile charging system for EVs

A think tank has proposed replacing fuel duty with a per-mile charging system, providing higher mileage allowances for residents in rural areas to maintain fairness

UK whisky distillers ‘left out in the cold’

Producers say they are unable to access the government’s Energy Bill Relief scheme while costs are rising

British supermarkets urged to cut their fuel prices by 5p per litre

Prices are far higher than they should be, according to a new report

Energy crisis could lead to a ‘generation of lost businesses’

Nearly 14% of UK small firms expect to close their business in the coming 12 months, according to a new report

Will GPs treat energy bill pain?

Britons could reportedly soon receive prescriptions from their GPs to get money off their energy bills

Government ‘looking to cut extra £400 off gas and electricity bills’

The Treasury is reportedly exploring the feasibility of a government-lending scheme for energy suppliers

Government to “receive extra billions from soaring energy bills”

It is estimated that the increase in bills from October will generate an extra £2.6 billion for the government

Government report explains why petrol prices are so high

This report also considers means to stop retailers taking advantage of drivers’ pockets

Boris Johnson not ruling out cutting VAT on energy bills

The Prime Minister has admitted that there may be more things that have to be done to help people with the rising cost of living

Britons forced to sell their cars as fuel prices hit record levels

The AA has called on the government to cut fuel duty by 10p per litre immediately