Indonesia considers cutting fuel prices amid COVID-19 pandemic

The president has asked all cabinet ministers to assess the impact of the pandemic on domestic economy

UK petrol price to rise after Hurricane Harvey

Drivers have been warned to expect a hike in the price of unleaded petrol caused by Hurricane Harvey in the US. According to the RAC, the price of a litre of petrol could rise by up to 4p per litre, taking the average price up to above £1.21 per litre. Petrol hasn’t been this expensive […]

Motorists “cautious” at the pump despite low prices

Despite lower fuel prices motorists are being cautious about how much they buy suggests a new market survey. The Energy Institute’s Retail Marketing Survey found fuel prices fell from an average of 136.22 pence per litre for petrol in 2012 to 134.88 p/l in 2013. Diesel prices fell from 142.39 per litre in 2012 to […]

32,000 call to further investigate UK oil market fixing

A national campaign group in support of keeping petrol prices down called on the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to launch another inquiry into the scandalous oil price fixing allegations that came to light earlier this year. FairFuelUK along with MPs handed in a 32,000-name petition to the OFT yesterday calling for a full and […]

Proposed fuel duty rise would have been “small”

The proposed rise in fuel duty this August would have been “small” compared to the reduction in fuel prices recently, according to an energy consultancy firm. David Hunter, Head of Strategic Partnerships at M&C Energy Group said the Government could have got away with the fuel duty rise. He told ELN: “The previously proposed 3p […]

Income spent more on fuel than rent every month

People in the UK are spending more on fuel than their rent every month, according to FairFuelUK. The organisation fighting for lower fuel prices was seen protesting alongside hundreds of supporters outside Parliament last week to encourage the Government to reduce fuel duty in the UK. According to FairFuel Campaign Leader, Quentin Willson, consumers are […]

‘Disaster’ for economy as diesel hits record price

Diesel prices hit a record high this week in a price spike dubbed a “disaster” for the economy by fuel groups, it was revealed today. The average price of diesel in the UK has overtaken the record set in May last year, reaching 143.05p per litre. This means filling up a commercial van with an […]

Cameron urged to maintain fuel price stabiliser pressure

Friends of the Earth have urged Prime Minister David Cameron to maintain his pressure on the Treasury for a fuel price stabiliser. Mr Cameron wants to reform the tax system to incorporate a fuel price stabiliser – where the rate of duty is cut as oil prices rise, and increased as they fall – but […]

Scotland demands action on fuel price hikes

Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney has written to UK Chancellor George Osborne demanding action to tackle rising fuel prices. Mr Swinney called on the UK government to establish a fuel duty regulator to ensure that high oil prices result in cuts in duty, keeping overall fuel prices in check. Mr Swinney said: “It is simply […]