Nearly two-thirds of Londoners back ban on wood burners

Poll shows that across the UK, half of the people support a wood burner ban

Petrol-diesel gap now at record 20p

Experts say the wholesale price for diesel has skyrocketed after OPEC’s decision to cut oil production

Drivers see ‘record gap between petrol and diesel pump prices’

The price gap between petrol and diesel has risen to a record 17p

‘Fuel prices fall to lowest level since mid-May’

The RAC has said prices should have decreased more

UK could be hit by ‘epidemic-levels’ of fuel poverty, warn experts

New report predicts that 55% of UK households will fall into fuel poverty by January 2023 without additional interventions

‘Nearly half of Britons have cut electricity and gas use’

Almost 24 million people were cutting energy use in their homes between March and June, according to a report

Britons ‘bought more EVs this year until now than in the whole 2020’

New EV registrations totalled nearly 125,000 by the end of July, a new report suggests

Analysts warn average UK petrol price is falling too slowly

Major retailers have been urged to cut prices much further

Is the UK scratching the bottom of the oil barrel in fuel duty cut measures?

Out of 13 European countries, only one, Luxemburg has done less than the UK in helping drivers with soaring petrol prices, new analysis finds

Nearly 8.2m households could be in fuel poverty in October

A charity has urged the next Prime Minister to take additional measures to protect people against the “bleakest of winters”