‘UK’s fossil fuel imports from authoritarian regimes surge to £19.3bn’

In the year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK saw a significant increase in fossil fuel imports from authoritarian petrostates, according to a report

National Grid forks out £4bn to keep the lights on

Balancing payments increased following a surge in power prices, according to a new report

‘Renewables saved Brits £5.7bn this winter’

That’s because far less gas was imported, RenewableUK claims

Tesla giant battery built near Dogger Bank offshore wind

The project hailed as “Europe’s largest” battery, has the capacity to power around 300,000 UK homes for two hours

‘LNG is creating 10 times the emissions of pipeline gas’

Research claims that the upping of LNG imports to combat Russia is at more detriment to the environment

UK wind farms smash electricity generation record

Official data shows that wind farms provided more than half of Britain’s electricity on Wednesday

EU countries advocating for price cap on gas imports

The measure should be applied to all wholesale natural gas transaction, officials have proposed

Will the cut in Norwegian interconnector flows bring more energy misery to UK?

The lack of rain could make the Nordic country cut the amount of energy it sends to Britain

Will Centrica’s Rough open its reservoir for Britain’s “roughest” winter?

The reopening is predicted to help the country cement its gas stocks amid fears of shortages

Will the outage at Norwegian gas hub impact exports to the UK?

Gas leaks led to the closure of Equinor’s Sleipner Riser gas transportation hub