EU adopts Green Bond framework to gear up for €250bn issuance

The framework is expected to provide investors with the confidence that the funds mobilised will be allocated to green bonds and the Commission will report on the environmental impact

Royal opening for Scandinavia’s ‘largest’ offshore wind farm

Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak wind farm will boost wind power production in Denmark by 16%

EU backs renewables and power network upgrades in Romania with €120m loan

It will support the rollout of advanced metering and the integration of renewable energy generation such as solar and wind, supporting the green transition in Romania

Solar investment to skyrocket 11.5% in 2017

Solar power will be the fastest growing renewable energy source in 2017, accounting for 37.5% of global investment. That’s according to a new report from consultancy Frost & Sullivan, which forecasts spending on the technology will rise by 11.5% to hit $141.6 billion (£109.8bn). The firm believes increased decentralisation, the decarbonisation of electricity and digitisation […]