EU and UK flags in front of Parliament during Brexit
House of Lords: How is government preparing for energy Brexit?

A House of Lords Committee has written to Claire Perry MP regarding Brexit impacts on the energy and climate sectors

House of Lords Committee demands waste policy clarity

A House of Lords Committee has urged the government to provide clarity on the UK’s future waste policy. The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee wrote a letter to Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey expressing concerns about the impact Brexit might have on waste policy and trading. The UK currently exports millions of tonnes of waste to […]

‘UK needs to focus on cheaper bills rather than lower emissions’ says Lords peer

The UK needs a shift in energy policy to prioritise cheaper bills rather than reducing emissions. That’s according to House of Lords peer Matt Ridley, who has reportedly backed the findings of an Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) report from February and said he hopes the government will change its direction. The Lords’ report criticised the costly Hinkley […]

House of Lords report slammed as ‘backward’ and ‘slanted’

A House of Lords report which states consumers may be paying “unnecessarily high costs” for energy has been slammed as “backward looking” and “slanted”. The Economic Affairs Committee believes higher costs are due to successive government interventions in the electricity sector, which has led to an “opaque, complicated and uncompetitive market”. MPs on the Committee […]

Lords reject government decision to scrap zero carbon homes

The House of Lords has overthrown the government’s decision to scrap the zero carbon homes standard. They voted in the final report stage of the Housing and Planning Bill this week. The policy, which was scrapped by the UK Government last year, proposes all new homes built in England from April 2018 to be zero […]

UK Energy Bill passed into law

The UK Energy Bill has become law after being given the seal of approval by the Queen today. It received the Royal Assent in the House of Lords this morning, ending a three-year process that began with a consultation on proposed changes. The Royal Assent is when the Queen formally agrees to make the bill […]

Commons votes to keep old coal alive

MPs have voted to reject an amendment to the Energy Bill introduced by the Lords to limit emissions from old coal-fired power stations. Under the proposed change the plants would have been subject to Emissions Performance Standards – which will apply to any new build power stations – unless they used Carbon Capture and Storage […]

‘Capacity crunch could be worse than people think’

The coming capacity crunch could be worse than people think, an Oxford University professor and government advisor has told the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Professor Dieter Helm warned the committee: “By 2015/2016 the capacity margin in this country will be very close to zero. In fact I’ve done some numbers which suggest in […]

‘Gas is the only answer to blackouts and truly evil coal’

Gas is the only thing that can save Britain from blackouts and the environmental damage of “truly evil” coal, the House of Lord Economics Affairs Committee was told yesterday. Dieter Helm, an Oxford Professor and economic advisor to the Energy Secretary, was there to give evidence on the potential impact of shale gas extraction in […]

Lords vote to limit coal-fired carbon emissions

The House of Lords yesterday voted in favour of forcing coal-fired power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The Government was defeated by the Labour party by 237 to 193 as the Lords agreed to get plant operators to apply the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) to cut their carbon emissions. Power plants using coal, […]