Seven countries to share €2.4bn EU funding to accelerate green transition

It will support measures to reduce emissions in energy, industry and transport in Romania, Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, as well as support them in meeting their 2030 climate and energy goals

Businesses urge government to support them with new energy bill package

Nearly two-thirds of UK manufacturers have said rising energy costs are causing ‘catastrophic’ or ‘major’ disruption to their businesses

“One in every 45 people could be environment refugees by 2050”

Researchers have warned if emissions continue to soar sea levels may rise by a further 0.4 to 0.8m by 2100

‘Airlines miss all but one climate target in 20 years’

This is due to the aviation sector regulating themselves, a new report claims

Surrey Uni kicks off carbon capture to methanol pilot

The project generates the industrial chemical from carbon dioxide in the air

Government blamed for giving heavy emitters a free pass

The Environmental Audit Committee has said the combination of removal and reduction targets does not incentivise sectors to decarbonise

Could war-fuelled energy prices shatter UK ceramics?

Ceramic manufacturers could be forced off the gas network, an industry association has said

Philippe Delorme takes up new Schneider Electric position

He will now have the role of Executive Vice President of European Operations

Eni signs up for carbon capture deal

The project aims to create the ‘world’s first’ low carbon industrial cluster

New collaboration to explore full value chain offering for CCUS

Aker Carbon Capture, Altera Infrastructure and Höegh LNG will work together on offering carbon capture as a service to industrial emitters, enabling cost-effective implementation of the full value chain needed to realise such projects