Energy Minister declares green targets will power UK’s industrial renaissance

Graham Stuart has said the UK could have the cheapest electricity in Europe

The UK has the potential to boast the most competitive electricity prices in Europe, the Minister of State for Energy Security and Net Zero has said.

In an interview with GB News, Graham Stuart said emphasised the significance of reducing emissions to limit global warming and protect the most vulnerable populations.

Graham Stuart said: “I think the UK has got a tremendous opportunity. When we took over the COP Presidency only 30% of global wealth was covered by net zero pledges.

“By the time we’d finished it was 90%. If you look at the UK and you see all our offshore wind, we’ve done a tremendous job of developing under this government.

“That’s why I think going forward there’s a real chance that we could actually have amongst the most competitive electricity prices in Europe.”

The Energy Minister also highlighted the opportunity for economic and industrial growth, particularly in regions such as the Northeast, the Northwest, Scotland, and Wales, through the expansion of renewable energy.

By doing so, Stuart believes the UK can achieve its net zero targets, lower energy costs and provide benefits to individuals and families across the country.

Graham Stuart said: “I think net zero, although it’s seen as some sort of green conceit by some, actually offers an opportunity for economic renaissance for the UK and industrial renaissance.”

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