UK’s largest CO2 supplier to permanently close ammonia plant

CF Fertilisers plans to permanently close its ammonia plant at the Billingham Complex to “ensure the long-term sustainability of its business in the UK”

EU gas price cap could lead to ‘abrupt market changes’

The planned natural gas price cap across Europe has not affected markets so far, according to a report

Will the UK fertiliser closure mean deeper market turmoil?

Fears are growing over another carbon dioxide crisis after CF Industries’ decision to halt production at its Billingham plant in Teesside

Yara slows production due to high gas prices

The hike in European natural gas prices has led to the company more than halving the production levels of its ammonia and urea factories

Global energy-related CO2 emissions ‘hit highest level in history in 2021’

Increased use of coal was the main factor driving up emissions by over two billion tonnes, according to the IEA

Oil and gas still vital to UK’s energy needs, ex-Centrica boss says

Sam Laidlaw said that repeated failures of energy policy have left the UK overexposed to global markets