Oil and gas still vital to UK’s energy needs, ex-Centrica boss says

Sam Laidlaw said that repeated failures of energy policy have left the UK overexposed to global markets

Big Zero Report 2022

Former Chief Executive of Centrica said UK’s net zero journey still needs oil and gas to cover the country’s energy needs.

In an article at Evening Standard, Sam Laidlaw who is now the Executive Chairman of Neptune Energy branded fossil fuels as crucial for the future energy mix.

He wrote: “Although we have seen a welcome growth in renewables over the past decade, the UK is still reliant on gas and oil to keep us warm, keep the lights on and keep people moving. Together they account for almost 75% of our energy needs and will be crucial for decades to come.”

Mr Laidlaw who joined the British Gas owner in 2006 also predicted that natural gas prices could rise even further this winter.

He also criticised failures to set a consistent energy policy: “These problems may be symptoms of the current market but their cause can be traced back to repeated failures of energy policy that have left the UK over-exposed to global markets and less attractive for investors.”

A few months ago, Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive of Centrica said Ofgem and policymakers need to take action to make sure this energy crisis will not happen again.

ELN has contacted Centrica for a response.

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