Envoy Technologies charges ahead with electric car share in Hawaii

Residents at the Halekauwila Place Apartments located in Kaka’ako, Honolulu, can book the Nissan Leaf car share through the Envoy Mobility app

Sleep tight, your EV is keeping the grid awake!

Nearly 135 EV batteries store and send power back to the grid when the supply is low

‘EVs get you five times further than petrol cars for the same money’

New research directly compares the Nissan Leaf E+ and the Volkswagen Golf across the countries in which both are available to buy

One hundred EV owners to test grid feedback scheme

The programme will use up to five different energy suppliers to offer a more realistic simulation of the future energy demand in the UK

EV rental firm investors sell and celebrate

A UK all-electric car-sharing company has been sold to car rental firm Europcar Group. It is the world’s first successful exit by crowdfunding investors. The 63 Crowdcube investors enjoyed a multiple return on their £100,000 total investment in E-Car Club. The company was started by social entrepreneurs Chris Morris and Andrew Wordsworth in 2011. It was backed by […]

Communities chosen for EV charging tests

A £9 million project to find out how electric vehicles (EVs) affect local electricity networks has announced the seven communities that will take part in its ‘Technical Trials’. My Electric Avenue has selected Chiswick, Marlow, South Gosforth, South Shields, Wylam, Chineham and Whiteley as the guinea pigs. Ten people in each community will get a […]

Hadrian’s Wall gets its own charging points

Hadrian’s Wall is ready to be conquered by the electric car – as charging points have just been installed along the 84-mile route of the Roman ruin. Eight Podpoint chargers are now in place at homes and B&Bs near the 2nd century structure, which runs from Wallsend on Tyneside to Bowness-on-Solway. The final four will […]

Bobbies on the beat with electric cars

The West Midlands Police is leasing 30 new electric cars from Nissan for officers to use on trips around the beat. The force announced it will use the Leaf models for the next three years as ‘diary’ cars which go out on pre-arranged appointments with victims and other members of the public who have contacted […]

Yellow taxis? New York’s are going green

Yellow taxis are synonymous with New York – but now cabs in the Big Apple are about to become a bit greener. Yesterday to coincide with Earth Day New York’s Mayor announced a new electric vehicle taxi pilot in partnership with Nissan. The Japanese car maker is putting six of its LEAF taxis on the […]

Only a smeegheed wouldn’t drive an EV

Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn tells ELN why he’s a big fan of Electric Vehicles