Two-thirds of UK public say government should support onshore wind

Just 15% of people said they would oppose the change to the law

Vestas turbine deployment reached new heights in 2017

Vestas retained the top spot as the largest turbine provider for onshore wind power in 2017. That’s according to new figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which show just under 47GW of onshore wind turbines were deployed around the world in 2017, with four manufacturers accounting for more than half of this share. These […]

Deep sea wind power ‘offers triple that found onshore’

Wind energy over deep oceans could offer three times as much power as is available from onshore projects of the same size. That’s according to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), which suggests there is so much wind energy potential over oceans it could theoretically be used to generate […]

Wind operations and maintenance market ‘to double by 2025’

The global wind operations and maintenance (O&M) market is forecast to double to around $27.4 billion (£21.7bn) by 2025. That’s according to research and consulting firm GlobalData, which says the predicted compound annual growth rate of 8% from $13.7 billion (£10.8bn) will be driven primarily by ageing turbines and the replacement and repair of parts such as blades and gearboxes. […]

European wind investments rose to €43bn last year

European investment in wind power rose to €43 billion (£36.3bn) in 2016. That’s according to a new report from WindEurope, which shows the money spent on new construction, refinancing and acquisitions was up 22% from €35 billion (£29.5bn) in 2015. New asset finance reached €27.6 billion (£23.3bn) in 2016 with a record breaking €18.2bn (£15.3bn) in offshore wind. Onshore wind investments dropped […]

Scottish wind farms ‘have no effect on tourism jobs’

There is no relationship between the development of onshore wind farms and tourism employment in Scotland. That’s according to a report by consultancy BiGGAR Economics which analysed the level of wind farm installations and the level of employment in tourism in Scotland between 2009 and 2014. It found the onshore wind sector has grown “significantly”, […]

UK onshore wind sector generated £2.8bn in 2014

The UK onshore wind industry generated £2.8 billion in 2014 . It invested £1.4 billion in low carbon and renewable energy (LCRE) assets and employed around 6,500 full-time workers, new data released by the Office for National Statistics revealed. Out of all the UK businesses operating in the LCRE economy in 2014, only 3.1% of […]

Gatwick oil ‘could add £52.6bn to UK economy’

Oil production in the Gatwick area and the South of England could boost the UK’s economy by £52.6 billion. That’s according to a new report by EY, which was commissioned by UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), the company behind the plan to extract oil from the Gatwick area. It also found the Kimmeridge Limestone Oil […]

SSE sells stake in onshore wind farm for £355m

SSE has signed an agreement to sell 49.9% stake in an onshore wind farm in Scotland. Renewable infrastructure fund Greencoat UK Wind (UKW), a partnership between the Greater Manchester Pension Fund and the London Pensions Fund Authority (GLIL), will pay £355 million for the deal. The Clyde Wind Farm consists of 152 turbines which are currently operating with […]

E.ON cancels 48MW wind farm in the UK

Energy giant E.ON has decided to cancel an onshore wind farm in the UK. The Isles Wind Farm project, located near Newton Aycliffe, was expected to have a total capacity of 48MW. The company stated the project was affected by a number of objections since it was submitted to Durham County Council in April 2013 […]