Podcast – The Green Deal

The debate on the Government’s flagship policy for improving energy efficiency of buildings – the Green Deal – continues. ELN’s Priyanka Shrestha reports.

Podcast – Is gas the answer?

Is gas the answer to our short term energy needs? Vicky Ellis explores this question speaking to academics and the chair of the energy and climate change select committee Tim Yeo MP

Podcast – Is chilly Cornwall perfect for solar power?

Holiday hotspot Cornwall isn’t exactly famed for its sunbathing – but soon it won’t just be tourists flooding the coastal region as it becomes home to a new National Solar Centre. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis meets the people behind it and finds out how Energy Minister Greg Barker is treading the line between solar subsidy […]

Podcast – will the Green Deal work?

Will the Green Deal work? ELN’s Priyanka Shrestha visits Base London to find out if the public and businesses are keen to take advantage of the financial support of the forthcoming Green Deal. What could be the biggest obstacles to its take up? Remember you can download the podcast from itunes.

Podcast – What’s the future for gas?

What’s the future for gas around the world? Reporter Tom Gibson spoke to the head of the International Energy Agency Maria van der Hoeven about new sources of gas and the impact this will have on future prices. Listen below and remember you can download this from itunes as well.