Net Hero Podcast – Chris Skidmore continues his mission

I chat to Chris Skidmore about his forthcoming book Mission Zero and his view on our current progress to that 2050 target he set!

King’s Speech: “Change this country for the better”

The Prime Minister describes the speech as his vision for “an improved Britain”

Labour pledges £3bn investment for green steel

Today, Keir Starmer is meeting with steelworkers and union representatives at Port Talbot steelworks to emphasise Labour’s support for the steel sector

UK Energy Secretary casts doubt on hydrogen for home heating

Grant Shapps has expressed skepticism about using hydrogen for home heating and suggested that the proposed hydrogen levy on household bills may be abandoned

Ukrainian nuclear plant on “last line of defence”

The IAEA chief has outlined five principles that should be followed to prevent a nuclear disaster

China invites US for climate talks

John Kerry has said he is hopeful the nations can “get back to where we were two years ago”

CCC: ‘NI must restore power-sharing government for net zero success’

Northern Ireland set the goal for net zero by 2050 last spring

Keir Starmer: ‘My government will cut energy bills by up to £500’

Labour has committed to providing extra insulation to 19m of the UK’s coldest homes if brought into power at the next election

Heat pumps get £14m boost

The government is providing a new round of funding to make installations cheaper and grow the clean heat workforce

Ban Ki-Moon slams delay on climate finance

‘We have no time to lose,’ the former UN Secretary-General said