China invites US for climate talks

John Kerry has said he is hopeful the nations can “get back to where we were two years ago”

Climate envoy for China Xie Zhenhua has invited US climate envoy John Kerry to collaborate on tackling climate change.

Tensions have been high of late following President Biden’s comments on a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan and the US shooting down a Chinese spy balloon – but Mr Kerry stated he is hopeful the nations can “get back to where we were two years ago because we must be able to cooperate together on this issue.”

Following a virtual meeting last week between the two diplomats, Mr Xie invited Mr Kerry to come to China to discuss things further in person.

The two have a history of working together, having brought forward the Paris Agreement in 2015 under different leadership and administrations.

Head of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan in August last year – which China saw as a threat, as it considers the nation to be a part of it.

Climate talks at the time that had been progressing well were cancelled by China.

The invitation has been viewed by many as a chance of moving on from this tumultuous period – with expectations that the nations will discuss the quashing of methane emissions, ending deforestation and boosting renewables to replace fossil fuels.

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