Spain upgrades power connections with France in €578m interconnector deal

The link will double the power exchange capacity between the nations by 2025

Global leaders and businesses discuss universal energy access

The Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll) Forum will address the key challenges in ensuring “no one is left behind” in the energy transition

Portugal generates record renewable energy

Green energy generation accounted for 103.6% of consumption in March – a value said to be unmatched in the last 40 years

EU approves €60m aid for Portuguese green buses

The European Commission has approved €60 million (£53.8m) of funding for low emission buses and supporting infrastructure in Portugal. It was initially unclear whether the environmentally friendly plans, which would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of each bus by at least 15%, would be in line with EU state aid rules. The Commission considered public funding appropriate […]

EU bank supports commercial wave energy tech

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is to help finance the development of commercial wave energy technology in Europe. It is investing up to €10 million (£8.53m) in AW-Energy, the Finnish developer of “WaveRoller” technology, to accelerate commercial roll-out. The WaveRoller is a near-shore underwater device that converts wave energy into electrical power. In 2012, the […]

Portugal runs on green energy for four consecutive days

Renewable energy kept Portugal’s lights on for four consecutive days last week. The clean energy milestone was revealed by System Sustainable Land Association (ZERO) and Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN), which analysed data from the National Energy Network (REN). Electricity usage in the country was fully covered by wind, solar and hydro power between 6.45am […]

IEA reviews Portugal’s energy policy

Portugal must maintain its efforts to deliver a financially sustainable energy system. That’s according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) which recommends the Portuguese Government to resolve the so-called tariff deficit caused by past imbalances between the electricity system’s regulated costs and revenues from regulated tariffs. Its report highlights the progress the government has made to […]

Wind supplies 8% of EU energy demand

Wind energy accounted for 8% of the EU’s electricity demand last year. That was equivalent to 129GW of generation, according to a new report. Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Romania and Germany produced between 10% and 40% of their electricity from wind farms. The report from the EU’s Joint Research Centre predicts wind power’s electricity share to grow […]

EU wave energy project wins €3.45m

A group of renewable energy experts in the EU have won €3.45 million (£2.4m). The ‘European Commission’s ‘Horizon 2020 programme’ awarded the cash to develop a new wave energy project. Called ‘WETFEET’, it will analyse the key issues – technical, economic, financial and environmental – that need to be addressed to improve the wave sector. […]

New EU group to break energy barriers

A plan to get rid of the frontiers between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the European energy market is to be developed. The EU Commission, France, Portugal and Spain signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a ‘High Level Group’ to deal with gas and electricity infrastructures, ensure regular monitoring and provide technical assistance to Member States. […]