Oil prices ‘could reach “stratospheric” $380 a barrel if Russia cuts supplies further’

Russia could reduce exports in response to the proposed price cap on oil

Fresh call on the government to put an end to standing charge

Almost 81% of energy customers support the idea of scrapping the standing charge on bills, according to a new poll

Wasted energy from England’s leakiest homes ‘will cost families extra £250’

Councils have urged the government to insulate all fuel poor homes by 2030

‘Energy suppliers’ customer service hits new low’

Call waiting times and email response times are taking longer than normal, according to Citizens Advice

Link between electricity and gas prices cannot stay forever, says Kwasi Kwarteng

The Business Secretary has said the electricity price households are paying does not reflect the state of the UK’s energy mix

Campaigners urge one million customers to stop paying energy bills

A group of activists has said they will cancel their direct debits by 1st October if the government fails to take further action on energy price rises

Price cap forecast to rise to over £3,000

The rise in gas prices will lead to further increases in energy bills in the coming months, according to a report

Customers ‘need to pay £2.7bn for energy supplier collapses’

Ofgem is partly to blame for companies’ failures, according to a report

Ofgem sets out tougher rules for energy suppliers to protect customers

Credit balances are used by some firms like an interest free company credit card, Ofgem’s boss has said

Ireland’s energy poverty breaks new record

The number of fuel poor households surpassed that recorded 28 years ago, according to a report