New York State to procure 800MW of offshore wind power

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said this energy would then be sold to utilities in the form of clean electricity certificates

Togo to go renewable with smart solar home systems

Clean utility BBOXX has delivered reliable energy access to more than 12,000 people in Togo this year alone

Tetra Pak says the carton’s half full for renewable energy

The packaging firm now sources 50% of its electricity from clean generation

Wind energy could see Sweden hit clean goals 12 years early

The Swedish Wind Power Association says the country is on track to generate 18TWh of power by the end of 2018

London’s lost rivers ‘could turn the tide towards low carbon heat’

A new report suggests underground waterways could be fed through heat pumps to warm buildings

Two-thirds of US public back solar mandate for new homes

Younger respondents were more likely to strongly support the idea compared to older generations

Sunny skies see solar surge across UK

For around an hour on Saturday, solar was the UK’s main source of electricity, with a share of more than 27%

Aliens could ‘collect and store stars to power futuristic civilisations’

However, scientists say they might have to hurry up and get it done before the universe expands too much

UK’s renewable generation hit quarterly record of 30.1% at start of 2018

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said this was mostly due to increased capacity and higher wind speeds

Hawaiian island of Kauai’s energy ‘could be 70% renewable by 2019’

This would be 11 years ahead of the timeframe set out in its sustainable targets