Disused nuclear vessel 100% recycled in UK first

All parts of Oceanic Pintail were reused, in what the NDA believes can be another way to accelerate the UK’s journey to net zero

X-Press Pearl: UK marine experts to support Sri Lanka with pollution response following fire

Cefas will initially assist in the laboratory analysis of post spill monitoring samples, particularly plastic pellets and potential chemical contamination

Clean seas ahoy!

The ship aims to provide a sustainable solution for bulk carriers and oil tanker ships

DfT funds shipping decarbonisation study

New technology claims to remove 95% of the carbon dioxide from engine exhaust gases

Banks guarantee €150m for green shipping

An investment of €150 million (€131.67m) is to support green shipbuilding projects in France. The agreement between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Société Générale was made possible by the EU guarantee under the Investment Plan for Europe, commonly known as the Juncker Plan. It will support €750 million (€658.51m) of potential investment to finance new ships and modernise the existing fleet, as well as […]

Boat cloak will save energy by tricking water

An engineer in the USA has come up with a concept that could increase the efficiency of ships by ‘tricking’ the water around them into staying still by using a ‘fluid flow cloak’. Ships use a lot of energy pushing the water around them out of the way as they move forward. Yaroslav Urzhumov, Assistant […]