‘Brits are largely unaware climate change disproportionately impacts black and brown people’

Christian Aid notes despite evidence that people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and small island states are already suffering from the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change, only a third of people in the UK realise this is happening

Abundance Investment smashes funding target with £1.5 million raised

The sustainable financing firm originally hoped to raise £1.2 million

European society must change to go green

A new report suggests society must transition away from existing resource-intensive societal systems

Nearly 2% of UK spending in 2015 was green

Nearly 2% of the UK Government’s entire spending in 2015 was on environmental protection. That’s according to new data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which says this figure totalled an estimated £14.7 billion. The UK Environmental Accounts report says the energy efficiency of the UK economy improved in 2015, largely due to efficiency improvements […]

UK sees lowest emission levels since 1990

Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to their lowest level since 1990. A report published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also shows energy consumption from renewable and waste sources reached a record high in 2014, accounting for 7.1% of total energy consumption. The amount of resources consumed per person is shown to have fallen […]

Energy… the core of Thatcher’s legacy?

She’s dead. The heartless witch or the saviour of a nation. The strong woman or the dictatorial harridan, as the past few days of death parties and plans for a semi-state funeral have shown, Margaret Thatcher in death, as in life, is unforgettable and divisive. Thatcher’s legacy depends on your point of view; the emancipator […]