SSE sets out sustainability targets linked to UN’s SDGs

The energy supplier has also appointed its first chief sustainability officer

Tesco unwraps sustainable chocolate in time for Easter

The supermarket giant is switching to 100% sustainable cocoa to make its own brand chocolate

Fish surrounded by ocean plastic
Sky teams up with Ambienta to wash away ocean waste

They plan to work together to jointly develop a common methodology for measuring pollution

Sustainable shopper
Are companies feeling the pressure from sustainable consumers?

A new report shows business models are changing in the face of a rise in veganism and increasing awareness regarding the impact of plastic packaging

Graphene molecules
Wonder-material graphene could prove a splash for clean water

A new study hopes to commercialise graphene water filter technology for use by outdoor explorers and in humanitarian crises

Stevia plant and sweetener extract
Tate & Lyle works to keep stevia sweetener tasting sustainable

The ingredients producer has launched a project to reduce the environmental impact of the stevia supply chain

Dried river basin
The collapse of civilisation could be just around the corner…

A new report suggests the effects of global warming could lead to migration, conflict, famine and societal breakdown

Carlsberg bottles
Carlsberg pours away fifth of emissions since 2015

The brewer of brands including Tuborg, Holsten and Birrell has slashed its carbon footprint by 20%

Climate change
Businesses cut 633m tonnes of CO2 from supply chains

A new report from CDP suggests this has generated cost savings of $19.3bn

Cooked crickets
Selfridges bugs out with new range of insect-based snacks

The department store is to start selling pasta, protein bars and granola made from insect flour