Nearly 78% of microbusinesses ‘don’t fully understand net zero’

Almost 67% of small firms have never sought information on how to reduce their carbon footprint, according to a report

Electric cars charging
UK’s automotive carbon footprint fell by 11% in 2021

This is the lowest level since records began

SSE boosts Highlands community green projects

Sustainable agriculture solutions and a project aiming at building the ‘first’ net zero town in Scotland have been awarded

EU votes in favour of giving green labels to nuclear and gas

Environmentalists have said it is “unlawful” to brand fossil gas as green

“A small minority of businesses use software tech to do their sustainability data reporting”

Michele Garra, Chief Executive Officer of Optima Technology told Sumit Bose the data is silent until it is brought to life

Martians singing the ketchup song!

Scientists have discovered a way that could enable astronauts to grow tomatoes on Mars

Cement sector’s CO2 emissions ‘doubled in 20 years’

Last year, emissions from making cement accounted for more than 7% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, according to a report

Government consults on sustainable approach to marine development

It is seeking views on marine net gain, which would protect valuable marine species and habitats, for example, through planting seagrass which stores and absorbs carbon or removing plastics and other litter from the oceans

UK energy services firm Wood sells consulting unit for $1.9bn

Canada-based firm WSP has bought the business

Will children in Wales be offered edible insects as part of a sustainable meal project?

Researchers plan to offer a range of eco-friendly meat substitutes to children if they wish to do so and with written parental consent