Liquid hydrogen powers electric aircraft

A German aerospace developer has completed the world’s first piloted flight of an electric aircraft fueled by liquid hydrogen

UK commits record £1.6bn to Green Climate Fund at G20

During the G20 summit in India, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted the advantages of pursuing net zero targets to stimulate job growth

Brewers embrace sustainability, says expert

We spoke to beer expert Roland Pahl-Dobrick in this weeks Net Hero Podcast who told us current methods of beer filtration are unsustainable

UK tyre recycling plant gets green light

Wastefront has secured an environmental permit for its tyre recycling facility at the Port of Sunderland

Octopus Australia secures AUD$250m boost

Octopus Australia has received an investment from Rest, a major superannuation fund, as part of its successful second fundraising round for the Octopus Australia Sustainable Investments Fund

UK troops gear up with recycled armour

A startup has developed a process to recycle end-of-life body armour fibres, allowing UK soldiers to wear recycled gear

Wind-powered cargo ship sets sail

A pioneering cargo vessel equipped with large, British-designed wing sails powered by wind has embarked on its first journey

Exploring algae: A game-changer for our plates?

Kristinn Haflidason, General Manager of biotech startup Vaxa Technologies, discussed with Energy Live News the process of nutrient extraction from algae and its transformation into sustainable food products

‘UK’s climate pledge rollback could lead to higher household energy bills’

The ADE has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, emphasising the importance of decentralised energy for sustainability and economic growth

CfD scheme secures £22m boost

The government has boosted its flagship renewable energy scheme, aiming to attract investors and strengthen the country’s position as a global leader in renewable energy