Octopus doubles cash splash for solar customers

Britain’s second largest energy supplier has decided to double the export rates to 8p per kilowatt-hour for its solar customers

‘UK’s current energy retail market cannot deliver net zero grid’

Government launches call for evidence to reform energy retail market, but experts caution that additional measures are required to safeguard vulnerable individuals struggling with unaffordable energy bills

Energy supplier bounces back with fixed tariff

So Energy has reintroduced its fixed tariff, undercutting the current price cap

Elon Musk and Tesla plan to launch new British energy supplier

Tesla is set to challenge major energy providers in the UK by registering as an electricity provider and launching a retail electricity product

‘UK’s cheapest’ fixed price energy tariff launched: £100 below price cap

Utility Warehouse has introduced a new “Fixed Saver 1” tariff, priced £100 below July’s price cap, allowing customers to secure their energy prices at an average cost of £1,974 per year

Legal action threatens energy suppliers over ‘hidden’ broker fees

JMW Solicitors will take legal action against suppliers for alleged high-cost deals and undisclosed commissions

Electric vehicles could balance UK power grid cheaper!

A collaboration between Octopus Energy and ESO has unveiled the cost-effective potential of V2G technology in balancing the UK grid

Energy bills confusion strikes 76% of customers

Almost half of all consumers admitted to experiencing a negative emotional response when reading their bills, according to a survey

Households brace for lower energy price cap with ‘minimal relief’

Experts caution that the anticipated lower energy price cap will offer little respite to households as government support schemes come to an end

New price cap announcement looms next week

The new price cap will potentially bring relief to households grappling with high energy costs