London mayor pledges £3.1m for tree planting scheme after heatwave and wildfires

Increasing the number of trees in London is expected help cool the city and provide shade to Londoners while making it more resilient to flooding

Grey squirrels on the pill to save their red relatives!

New research with oral contraceptives has been launched aiming at controlling the population of grey squirrels

Romania granted EU approval for €500m forestry scheme

The scheme is aimed at supporting owners of agricultural land suitable for afforestation to establish new forest areas that will generate a positive climatic impact in the long term

Brightonians, the new weed-busters?

Residents in Brighton will be offered tools to weed their overgrown pavements

‘Environment nearing dangerous tipping points’

An independent watchdog is calling on the government to step up environmental protection

‘Tree of Trees’ to be erected for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The 21-metre tall sculpture will be made up of 350 British native trees

Government slammed over tree planting plan

MPs have called for a comprehensive plan to support planting on a larger scale

Climate change: UK allocates £4.5m to future-proof trees and forests

Projects are expected to boost nature regeneration efforts, promote biodiversity and support new approaches to tree health, resilience and production amidst a changing climate

Climate change: Homes in Wales collect first free trees

It follows a pledge made by the Welsh Government in December 2021 that every household would be offered a free tree

Government awards funding to plant 680,000 trees

Successful projects will share £9 million for the development of new urban green spaces