Forest fire
Is climate change making it harder for forests to recover after fires?

A group of scientists who have studied thousands of Douglas fir and ponderosa pine trees say the answer is yes

Tree planting
Australia commits to planting a billion new trees

The nation expects the scheme will help remove 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year by 2030

Pakistan commits to planting 10 billion trees… sounds oak-ay

The scheme aims to help reduce the effects of climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide

China doesn’t beat around the bush with new green city

A green city able to fight air pollution and mitigate climate change is currently being built in China. The Liuzhou Forest City, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and commissioned by Liuzhou Municipality Urban Planning, will be made up of offices, houses, hotels, hospitals and schools covered by 40,000 trees and one million plants of more […]

Deforestation could be cutting climate-cooling gases

Deforestation could be warming the climate even more than originally thought. That’s according to an international team of scientists led by the University of Leeds, who have studied the way gases emitted by trees and vegetation can affect the climate. These gases react with other atmospheric chemicals to form tiny particles, which reflect sunlight back […]

Nature could capture enough emissions to offset oil use

The natural environment could be used to capture carbon emissions equivalent to the volume released by the global burning of oil. That’s what a new peer-reviewed study led by scientists from The Nature Conservancy has found. It says capturing greenhouse gases in forests, grasslands and wetlands could cost-effectively deliver more than a third of the […]

Does London’s money grow on trees?

London’s eight million trees are worth £6.1 billion to the capital’s economy. They also contribute £130 million in wider benefits, according to a survey launched by the Mayor of London and The Forestry Commission. The ‘iTree urban forest survey’ used more than 300 volunteers to count trees and analyse the services they provide from the carbon they store, […]

Levi’s zips up anti-deforestation vow

Jean makers Levi Strauss & Co are following in the footsteps of online fashion brand ASOS and British retailer M&S by making an anti-deforestation pledge. Yesterday the clothing firm vowed to iron out all material which began life as a tree from endangered woodlands. Its part of a scheme called Fashion Loved By Forest run by not-for-profit group […]