‘Around 90% of world’s carbon offsets are useless’

That’s according to a new investigation, claiming that the impact of certain credits is being overestimated by up to 400%

‘UK trees absorb double the carbon we thought’

That’s the view of scientists who have looked into how much is stored in branches and trunks

EU bans goods linked to deforestation

New checks will now be in place before items are imported onto the continent – to understand their impact on forestry

Funding for green projects to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Funding of £499,000 will be provided to communities to plant trees in honour of the late Queen

How does cannabis fight climate change?

Scientists claim it’s twice as effective as trees in soaking up carbon

Anesco’s new energy storage facility promises a biodiversity net gain

The 50MW storage facility to be built in Aberdeenshire

Drax issues new statement on BBC Panorama’s ‘green energy scandal’ claims

A BBC programme had previously alleged that Drax was chopping trees from primary forests to use them as wood pellets in its power station

Wales announces £32m for farmers to plant trees to combat climate emergency

It supports the government’s ambition to plant 86m trees by the end of the decade

London mayor pledges £3.1m for tree planting scheme after heatwave and wildfires

Increasing the number of trees in London is expected help cool the city and provide shade to Londoners while making it more resilient to flooding

Grey squirrels on the pill to save their red relatives!

New research with oral contraceptives has been launched aiming at controlling the population of grey squirrels