‘Parts of UK could run out of water in around 20 years’, new study warns

The demand for water in England is estimated to ‘exceed supply by between 1.1 billion and 3.1 billion litres per day by the 2050s’

New US water recycling project ‘will provide 32% of a city’s total water supply’

The project will be the first operating advanced water purification facility in San Diego County

Ofwat revokes Tor Water’s licence

It comes after South West Water told the regulator last month that it has terminated Tor Water’s wholesale contract due to ‘a series of outstanding undisputed payments’

Picture of a tap with a pound coin.
Ofwat: Customer compensation should go up if taps run dry

The regulator aims to make the compensation arrangements ‘fairer, faster and more hassle free’

Three water companies warned by watchdog over customer complaints

Bristol Water, SES Water and Southern Water have come under fire for poor performance

How much compensation should customers receive if taps run dry?

Domestic customers are currently entitled to £20 if they are without water for a day and an extra £10 for each 24 hours on top

New measures to safeguard water supply in England and Wales

The UK and Welsh Governments have introduced new measures to safeguard water supply and resources on both sides of the border. The protocol meets a key commitment made during the passage of the Wales Act 2017, paving the way to remove the Secretary of State powers to intervene on water policy. It ensures there is […]

EU supports water supply infrastructure in Bosnia

The EU and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are supporting the water infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with loans totalling €9.5 million (£7.9m). The cash will be used by the municipal public utility company JP Komunalno Čapljina to expand the water supply network in sub-urban areas and replace outdated water meters. […]

World Bank pledges $500m for water supply in rural India

The World Bank has signed a $500 million (£302.6m) agreement with the Government of India to improve piped water supply and sanitation services in four Indian states. The six-year project will support the design and implementation of the Indian Government’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) initiative in 33 districts in the states of Assam, […]

Kyrgyzstan gets €2m aid to improve wastewater services

A London-based bank is providing part of a €2 million (£1.6m) loan to help a city in the Kyrgyz Republic improve its wastewater facilities. The cash from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank and the EU will enable Talas, which has a population of over 45,000, to modernise its water […]