Thames Water to return £73.8m to customers

The water regulator has finalised financial penalties and payments for all water companies, with the majority being required to return money to customers

Surrey residents queue for bottled water amid water cuts

Thousands in Surrey face water shortages as a result of Storm Ciarán disrupting treatment works, leading to long queues for bottled water

Thames Water to slash 300 jobs in bid to tackle £14bn debt

The water supplier is set to cut jobs, primarily in its retail and digital divisions, as part of a broader effort to enhance financial stability

Ofwat welcomes £4.6bn investment in the water sector

The water sector has received £4.6 billion in additional investments since 2020, bolstering financial resilience and supporting future investments

Ofwat pressures water firms on environmental pledges

The water regulator has urged water companies to demonstrate their commitment to better service and environmental improvements in the next 12 months

Ofwat proposes changes for improved customer service

Ofwat is consulting on potential modifications to water companies’ licences to introduce customer-focused principles, aiming to enhance customer service

Massive river heat pump launched to warm thousands of homes

The German project utilises the Rhine’s heat to provide warmth to 3,500 households

Cheers to tears: Climate change threatens taste of beer

The climate crisis is poised to alter the flavour of beer and potentially increase its cost due to declining hop yields and quality, according to a new study

Water suppliers seek £156 bill increase

UK water companies seek approval for a £156 annual bill increase by 2030 to fund upgrades and address sewage issues

Government criticised over lack of social tariffs

The Industry and Regulators Committee has sent a letter to the government, highlighting concerns about various issues, including underinvestment, increasing water bills and the absence of social tariffs