Patheon Italia, the pharmaceutical industry multinational, chooses AB cogeneration.

Cogeneration has proved to be an economically and environmentally friendly technology that is ideal for highly specialised sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical ones. Patheon Italia S.p.A. is a […]

Cogeneration has proved to be an economically and environmentally friendly technology that is ideal for highly specialised sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical ones.

Patheon Italia S.p.A. is a multinational leader in the sector of pharmaceutical toll manufacturing and in Italy, where it is growing at a staggering rate, it has chosen to adopt a “green” policy related to energy efficiency.

It has chosen AB, world leader in the cogeneration sector, with a view to rationalising the use of fossil energy sources, with an economic saving as a result, as well as improving the environmental situation as regards greenhouse gases, for its state-of-the-art production sites in Monza (MB) and Ferentino (FR).

Industrial cogeneration, in particular the high-tech engineering offered by AB, proves to be an excellent solution for companies in various sectors which focus not only on the quality and excellence of their own products, but also on economic savings, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Patheon Italia operates in a very specialised sector – the pharmaceutical production.

This industrial company is closely linked to the local area, with a significantly international hallmark. Despite the current economic state of affairs, Patheon is going against the trend, with the awareness that investments are one of the most important instruments. Not only to withstand the crisis but also to continue to grow in terms of turnover, with a positive impact on the development of the local area, both with regard to the surrounding industry and employment and in terms of a policy attentive to energy efficiency and impact on the environment.

The company works in facilities equipped with highly sophisticated, cutting-edge machinery and systems, which are continually renewed and enhanced with all possible technological innovations that can optimise production and improve the quality of the processes and end products, from a green perspective.

That is why Patheon Italia chose to build a cogeneration plant from the ECOMAX® Natural Gas line, inside its own production plants in Monza and Ferentino.

The plant, an ECOMAX® 20 HE, is powered by natural gas and is a modular solution in container, with overall rated power at full load of 2,004 kWe  and cogenerated thermal power of 1,835 kW, in relation to thermal power input of 4,477 kW.

The new cogeneration plant produces electricity which, net of consumption by the auxiliary equipment of the power plant, is used to supplement the energy demand of the plant.

The cogenerated thermal energy is exploited for technological and production uses by means of the production of superheated water (approximately 175°C) and hot water (approximately 90°C). This investment became necessary to meet the energy and economic requirements of the company (which works around the clock) and, just as importantly, to operate in line with environmental sustainability.

The new plant is expected to cut CO2 emissions by 3,300 tonnes per year, and the unit should be operative for around 8,000 hours/year.


Cogenerator characteristics

NCV methane kWh/Nmc 9.5
Gas consumption Nmc/h 471
Input power kW 4,477
Mechanical power output kW 2,058
Electricity supplied kWe 2,004
Recoverable thermal power kWt 1,835
Electrical efficiency % 44.8
Thermal efficiency % 40.9
Overall efficiency % 85.7



Patheon Italia S.p.A. is the Italian subsidiary of DPx Holdings B.V., a NewCo with offices in Amsterdam and Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Today it’s an industrial company with a yearly turnover of 2 billion dollars, subdivided into three business units – Patheon, DPx Chemical and Banner – specialised respectively in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical and chemical products and its own products.

Patheon Italia is present in Italy with two production plants, in Monza since 1998 and in Ferentino (FR) since 2002, and employs around 1,200 workers overall, 595 of whom at the production site in Monza and 586 at the Ferentino plant.

Patheon Italia is a member of the Gruppo Produttori Conto Terzi di Farmindustria, which unites 13 companies throughout Italy.

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