National Gas adopts tech to cut pipeline emissions

A new technology has been used by National Gas in Scotland, reducing carbon dioxide emissions during pipeline maintenance by 95%

A new technology named Remote Tecno Plug (RTP) has been used by National Gas in Scotland to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during pipeline maintenance.

Gas pipelines traditionally undergo recompression before maintenance, releasing gas into the atmosphere.

However, RTP technology prevents leaks and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

In a recent project, RTP prevented the release of 223.5 tonnes of gas, leading to environmental benefits and cost savings.

National Gas is considering RTP adoption for future projects, potentially changing pipeline maintenance nationwide.

Kirsty McDermott, Senior Engineer at National Gas, said: “Using plugs like the RTP can greatly reduce emissions for temporary pipeline isolations, and on this project emissions were reduced by up to 24 times compared to traditional recompression methods.”

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