Nearly half of Brits ‘would consider buying an EV’

Reduced cost, range improvement and increased number of charging points would encourage the switch

Around 43% of adults in the UK have said they would consider buying an electric vehicle (EV).

That’s according to a new survey, which also found a fifth of them would be more likely to consider an EV now compared to this time last year.

When asked what would encourage them to make the switch from petrol or diesel to greener cars, around 41% cited reduction in the cost of EVs as the biggest factor, followed by improvements in range (38%) and an increased number of charging points (37%).

The survey commissioned by green supplier Pure Planet also explored the public’s attitudes towards energy use and sustainability.

Around 49% said they are now regularly taking steps to combat global warming and more than a quarter (28%) said they were more likely to switch to a renewable energy supplier compared to the same period last year.

Steven Day, Co-founder of Pure Planet said: “Electric vehicles are changing the way we think about mobility and the planet. We are on the road to a zero-emission world but unless EVs are powered by clean, renewable energy, you are still burning fossil fuels to charge your car.

“By using clean energy, the average user cut their carbon footprint vs traditional cars by two tonnes per year.”

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