Who pays for our roads when petrol and diesel cars go?

Claire Haigh, CEO of Greener Transport Solutions and Executive Director of the Transport Knowledge Hub, spoke to ELN about a proposed road charging scheme

Nearly half of Brits ‘would consider buying an EV in the next five years’

However, the UK records the second-lowest level of drivers’ confidence in relying on local charging infrastructure, according to a new report

‘Pay-per-mile charging is good as long we have the right roads and it doesn’t disincentivise EV takeup’

That’s the suggestion of motoring broadcaster and transport campaigner Quentin Willson who spoke to ELN about the benefits of a proposed road pricing scheme

IEA: Global EV sales soared by 40% in 2020

More than ten million EVs are now on the streets globally, IEA estimates

Electric car infrastructure in the UK – how developed is it?

We’ll discuss how developed electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in the UK is and where it currently stands.

Nearly 81% of Brits still find EVs ‘too expensive’

A new report suggests almost 63% have never heard of the government’s scheme plug-in grant scheme

Council greenlights plans for ‘Europe’s first’ rare earth metals processing facility in Humberside

The plant’s annual production is forecast to cover 5% of the 2025 global demand for rare earth metals

New York offers up to $85m for clean transportation and mobility

Three competitions are seeking to help advance transportation solutions that reduce air pollution in underserved and disadvantaged communities

US offers $162m to improve efficiency and reduce emissions from cars and trucks

It will support the next stage of the SuperTruck initiative, aimed at electrifying freight trucking, along with efforts to expand electric vehicle infrastructure and lower emissions for on and off-road vehicles

New bond issued to fund EV charging network in Greater Manchester

Iduna is seeking to raise £4m to finance the installation of 50 new fast or rapid public EV chargers at high traffic locations across the region