Sunak speaks to EU over EV Brexit row

Carmakers have called for a change to origin rules on EV manufacturing

Electrifying surge in EV leasing

Leasing enquires for new EVs have increased by 32%, according to a report

Israel launches first hydrogen fuel station

Transport is one of its most polluting sectors and has been circled as a priority for the country to lower its carbon footprint

Blue lights turned green with £77m

Emergency services will receive the funding from government to quash the sector’s carbon footprint

Climate protestors crash Formula E race

Members of Letzte Generation climbed over fences and parked themselves in front of the electric race cars to stop the race taking place

US boosts support for developing countries’ climate action with $1bn pledge

The Biden Administration has announced a $1 billion contribution to the Green Climate Fund, as part of a broader effort to quadruple US climate support to over $11 billion a year by 2024

New emissions standard to boost EVs in Australia

It’s expected to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 10m tonnes by 2035

‘Real EV ranges are 20% lower than carmakers claim’

That’s the claim made in a new study that tested more than 70 EVs

UK energy revolution: bold moves to boost energy security

The new government package includes commitments to carbon capture and storage, offshore wind, green hydrogen, renewable electricity and energy efficiency

Government blasted for wasting cash on EV tax reminders

The government is allegedly spending approximately £450,000 a year sending unnecessary tax reminders to EV owners who are exempt from paying vehicle excise duty