‘EV batteries wrongly deemed unreliable by 99%’

A new study claims that almost all UK drivers believe EV batteries are the cause of breakdowns but this is a myth that needs debunking

A recycled car? – BMW says yes

The German vehicle manufacturer has set an aim to build a recycled car by 2040

In what climate does an electric vehicle thrive?

Do EVs like hot summers or cold winters – in what cities do they have the longest range?

Northern Ireland ‘has fallen behind in EV charging infrastructure’

Government data shows the region has the lowest level of charging device provision, with just 17 devices per 100,000 people

COP26 spokesperson ‘doesn’t fancy an EV’ as much as her diesel car

Allegra Stratton said the recharging time is an obstacle for her long journeys

Solar power for your next Sun-day drive?

Lightyear has found a manufacturer for its solar EV, which it claims will allow drivers to travel up to 20,000km per year by harnessing the power of the sun

Audi Quattro with an electric feel

A German start-up has revealed its new EV that takes heavy influence from the classic 1980s sports car

Oh Lord give us extra charge!

Manufacturer has pledged to develop the first ‘Popemobile’, an all-electric vehicle for the Holy See, Pope Francis

Dublin partners with Google to measure air quality

An electric Street View car will hit the city’s streets to capture air pollution measurements

Nearly half of Brits ‘would consider buying an EV in the next five years’

However, the UK records the second-lowest level of drivers’ confidence in relying on local charging infrastructure, according to a new report