West Sussex fired up for heat network project

A feasibility study will look into whether the project is viable from a technical and financial perspective

Big Zero Report 2022

Funding worth £103,600 has been awarded for a proposed heat network project in West Sussex.

The grant will be used to carry out initial feasibility study, which will focus on demonstrating if the project is viable from a technical and financial perspective and ensuring there is “sufficient, permanent demand” for the heat across the Manor Royal Business District.

The heat would be supplied from a central source to businesses via a network of insulated pipes, helping them reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

The proposed project is part of the wider Re-Energise programme – a joint venture between the West Sussex County Council, Crawley Borough Council and the Mayor Royal Business Improvement District – which aims to increase the amount of sustainable energy generated, shared and used by businesses across the district.

Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We want to put Manor Royal on the map as one of the greenest places to do business in the south east.

“We are delighted with this funding announcement because it will enable us to understand the opportunity for generating and sharing heat across the business district and if the feasibility work goes well, build a really robust business case to deliver the project.”

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