Duke Energy Renewables and SEI seek to generate employment in the US solar energy sector

The partnership has announced a $10,000 scholarship fund for potential candidates who have been economically impacted by the Covid-19 crisis

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US renewable energy developer Duke Energy Renewables and educational nonprofit Solar Energy International (SEI) have announced a $10,000 (£8,141) scholarship fund to increase employment in the US solar energy sector.

The fund will be made available in the form of solar training tuition fees for those who have been economically impacted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marla Korpar, Development Director at SEI, said: “We sympathise with the challenges many out-of-work Americans are facing during these uncertain times and at the same time, are excited to have an industry partner that is willing to invest in providing valuable training opportunities for those most impacted by Covid-19’s economic aftermath.”

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