Energy workers believe they are among most undervalued

Employees in the energy sector believe they deserve an average pay rise of 43.8%

Industry professionals ‘confident about future of gas’

Most oil and gas professionals are confident about the role of natural gas up to 2050. That’s according to a  new report published by the Energy Institute, which explores the opinions of almost 200 industry leaders towards reducing the climate change impacts of the fuel. Those responding to the survey said carbon capture and storage (CCS) […]

‘Only way is up for oil and gas’

The downturn in the oil and gas sector on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) has bottomed out and will now improve. That’s the suggestion from the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, the Fraser of Allander Institute and KPMG, which conducted a survey of 95 businesses across the sector to see what they expected to […]

Oil tycoon ranked No.1 wind energy influencer

A billionaire oil tycoon has taken the top spot in a list of the world’s most influential wind energy players. A Word About Wind’s annual Top 100 Power People ranks American entrepreneur Philip Anschutz, worth a reported $12 billion (£9bn), as the most important name in the sector. The publication says Mr Anschutz secured the […]

Energy manager says anyone can work in the sector

  Those looking to work in energy management don’t necessarily need to have an engineering background. That’s according to Dan Hubbard, a leading energy manager, who is encouraging graduates studying different subjects to get involved in the industry. Speaking at the Energy Live 2016 conference, he said he has a sports science degree and wasn’t […]

Oil has hit trough and will emerge from downturn

The falling oil market has reached a trough and will now slowly emerge from its downturn. A PwC report suggests that this is signalled by the oil price recovering slightly as supply and demand reach a natural balance. This initial resurgence in growth is expected to trigger more investment and broader activity in the sector. Whilst […]