Charities call for ‘prepayment meter amnesty’

Officials have been urged to permanently ban the force-fitting of prepayment meters

Vulnerable pensioners ‘spend a fifth of their income on energy bills’

Nearly 29% of older households in England are ‘fuel-stressed’, according to new report

‘Almost a quarter of older people face fuel stress from April’

The figure could rise to 35% when prices go up again in October, a charity has warned

Russia’s war on Ukraine ‘could leave 8.5m UK households in fuel poverty’

The government has been urged to add further measures to its upcoming Economic Statement

Nearly 24% of elderly ‘face the dilemma ‘eat or heat”

More than half of over-65s said they would have to heat their homes less this winter, according to a new survey

Soaring energy bills could put elderly at risk of ‘freezing to death’

Charity warns energy costs will push an estimated 150,000 extra older households into fuel poverty this winter

‘Millions of pensioners will struggle to pay their energy bills this winter’

The ongoing energy crisis will see 150,000 elderly people fall into fuel poverty and 1.1m struggle to pay their bills, a new study claims

Sky-high energy bills ‘could deter older people from turning their heating on’

More than a million older households across the UK are already living in fuel poverty, according to Age UK

Seven charities awarded £1.9m to tackle fuel poverty

Charities will receive grants from £49,000 to more than £678,000 for projects designed to support energy justice and cut CO2 emissions