Chilly dip! King Charles ‘turns down the heat at palace pool’

King Charles has reportedly turned down the heat at the Buckingham Palace pool, opting for cooler waters as part of his commitment to environmental sustainability

King Charles opens clean aviation centre after receiving his crown

The centre will bring together some of the top aviation and energy experts in the world

British Gas lights up London park for King’s coronation

British Gas has unveiled a specially commissioned coronation gas lamp in St James’s Park to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation

King meets energy industry leaders

The private meeting this week is expected to boost the King’s knowledge on clean energy ahead of a state visit

King Charles asks officials to divert £1bn windfarm profits to “public good”

Under the sovereign grant, the King receives a quarter of the Crown Estate annual profits

Royal menus stripped of foie gras

King Charles has reaffirmed a ban on the controversial French delicacy

King Charles to host pre-COP27 conference

The monarch is still not set to attend the summit in Egypt

‘Tree of Trees’ to be erected for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The 21-metre tall sculpture will be made up of 350 British native trees

Queen to stay at Windsor Castle during COP26

The decision follows medical advice to rest