Government hosts first Net Zero Council

The council has been tasked with helping British industry cut its carbon emissions

Ofgem launches review for fairer and cleaner electricity prices

The review aims to examine the methodology behind distribution charges, with a focus on supporting competition and reducing carbon emissions

Iceland keeps its carbon underground – But how?

An Icelandic company is looking to crack the code on carbon capture in an innovative way

New emissions standard to boost EVs in Australia

It’s expected to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 10m tonnes by 2035

‘Less Americans believing in climate change’

The number linking climate change to human action has fallen from 60% five years ago to 49% now

Germany’s nuclear power plant era comes to an end

Germany’s last three active nuclear power plants will be permanently shut down later this week due to the country’s plan to transition to renewable energy sources

Bids invited for next carbon capture clusters

Scotland will host new hydrogen, floating offshore wind and CCUS projects

Premier League teams flying to games – what’s the impact?

New research has found that for 100 fixtures, 81 short-haul flights were taken, with some as short as 27 minutes

Strutting your stuff in net zero shoes?

A San Francisco company claims it’s made the first net zero shoes and they could be on sale next year!

Capturing carbon from the air and storing it in the sea?

This technique captures up to three times more carbon than current methods, researchers claim