China meets 2020 carbon target ahead of schedule

It provides a boost to the Paris climate agreement, which aims to limit global average temperature increase to well below 2°C

IEA: Global carbon emissions hit record high last year

The International Energy Agency says current efforts to combat climate change are far from enough

Could smart meter data help reduce network power losses?

A UK distribution network operator aims to analyse smart meter data to identify and reduce electricity losses and cut carbon emissions. Northern Powergrid, which serves around 3.9 million homes and businesses, has launched a new programme to boost the understanding of technical losses and improve loss reduction across its network. Smart meters will provide half-hourly […]

Bristol City Council smashes carbon reduction target

  Bristol City Council has managed to reach its carbon reduction target three years ahead of schedule. It surpassed its goal of 50% reduction in carbon emissions from its operations, delivering a 60% cut in 2016/17. That was a result of making its buildings more energy efficient, investing in renewable energy projects such as wind […]

EU bank lends €30m for sustainable projects in Netherlands

A €30 million (£26.9m) loan has been guaranteed for sustainable energy projects in the Netherlands. The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing the money to Limburgs Energie Fonds (LEF), a fund established by the Province of Limburg and managed by Finquiddit. The fund invests in small to medium sized projects in the areas of carbon […]

New York gives $12m for efficient factories and homes

The State of New York is to provide $12 million (£9.1m) in funding to improve the energy efficiency of industrial and multifamily buildings. The announcement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo expands the Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) initiative launched last year to enhance efficiency in offices, hotels, universities, hospitals and shops. RTEM systems continuously monitor energy […]

Microsoft pledges 75% carbon reduction by 2030

  Microsoft has announced plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 75% by 2030. It has pledged to increase investment in renewable energy as well as focus on energy efficiency projects to achieve the goal. That is expected to help avoid more than 10 million metric tons of emissions. Its cloud-based programme to cut resource […]

Germany seeks carbon credits to offset official travel

Germany has launched a tender process to buy more than 235,000 credits to offset last year’s carbon emissions from business travel. The government is compensating for the climate footprint of all its official travel through UN-certified carbon offsets, according to the UN Framework for Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The tender process is open until […]

Use waste products rather than crops for biofuels, say researchers

Biofuels produced from waste products could make a “real impact” in cutting carbon emissions than crops. That’s according to the Royal Academy of Engineering, which claims biofuels made from food crops like wheat can sometimes produce higher emissions than petrol and their use should be restricted. It found while biofuels manufactured from crops like corn […]

Blockchain technology ‘could boost climate action’

A new technology called blockchain could play a major role in tackling climate change. That’s the view of experts at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), who believe the technology could be used in a number of different ways. Blockchain is a distributed database that is continuously updated and verified by its users, […]