Japan’s TEPCO to buy Scottish floating offshore wind developer

It is the Japanese company’s first investment in overseas wind power

World’s greenest warehouse to be built in Sweden

The project will lead the way to urgent CO2 reductions as called for by COP27

Water Plus adds greener power to their Net Zero ambition with electric bike and electric car roll-outs

The UK’s largest water retailer is launching greener transport options for their employees including bicycles, e-bikes and electric vehicles to help health, wellbeing – and reducing impacts on the environment too

Ben Mee looks to make Premier League transfer ‘carbon-neutral’

He is offsetting his move from Burnley to Brentford

Is Britain’s carbon-neutrality a chicken and egg situation?

Morrisons has introduced “carbon-neutral” eggs from hens fed on insects – which are in turn fed on food waste

Drax under scrutiny over alleged “misleading” CO2 claim

Several NGOs allege that Drax has made various “misleading” and “inaccurate” statements regarding its business activities

New 195.5MW solar coupled with storage system powered up in Georgia

RWE Renewables’ Hickory Park Solar project consists of more than 650,000 panels that cover an area of around 1,800 acres

Taiwan receives ‘carbon-neutral’ crude oil from Azerbaijan

All associated emissions have been offset for the transaction

Surgeons perform ‘carbon-neutral’ cancer operation

It marks a huge milestone for the NHS, as it looks to rollout these procedures across the country

Dogs’ barking becomes carbon-neutral

A new facility for UK military working dogs has been fitted with solar panels, battery, heat pump and water recycling measures